An award-winning tech firm that designs digital games, applications, and animated entertainment to increase client and customer engagement for business and educational enterprises.



Curiosity180 hopes to become a leading resource for information on the internet, while also inspiring young creators, actors, models, and entrepreneurs. Our 180 brand is a nocturnal team that values creativity and visual storytelling while educating individuals in 180 seconds for easy consumption.

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ME.mory is an application in development with Thomas Dixon, an individual who suffers episodic memory loss. Together we are building a digital tool that assists him with his everyday lifestyle and hopes to bring this to patients and the general public. We can be hired to help innovate and develop new tools.


Last Line of Retreat

The core of our team is game development. A number of titles available in the Play Store and on the way to being available in the App Store. Many game titles are in-house but we can be hired to bring your ideas and creations to life.

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