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We are JumpButton Studio

Who We Are

JumpButton Studio is a passionate and diversified team of natural creatives that dedicate themselves to developing outstanding games, animations, and innovative apps. Founded in 2012, JumpButton Studio set out with a drive and motivation to create world-class entertainment. Our multifaceted team is the key factor in our ability to create upfront value for our partners and clients. With a clear focus on long-term content creation, JumpButton Studio proves to be saturated with multimedia architects.


The JumpButton Founders

From humble beginnings developing small games in the summer of 2012, four friends got together with the simple goal of creating projects they were truly passionate about. The founders did not predict the exponential growth of their ambition, but now JumpButton Studio strives to become one of the primary destinations for gamers and content creators.

Viking Dodge on iPad

Making Mobile Games

A great way to not make money is to make something you don’t believe in. Don’t waste your time; be passionate about what you do.

From humble beginnings developing small games to expanding our boundaries and developing games for platforms such as Android, Apple, and desktop download-able games. JumpButton Studio strives to become the premier destination for both competitive and casual gamers. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and developing innovative and exciting games on a wide range of platforms.

A lot of indie developers who became ‘overnight successes’ were working at it for ten years.

We believe in the concept of small and independent teams to allow every single one of our team members to be able to play an important and significant role in the projects. We find that this concept allows our members to become passionate about what they are doing. Here at JumpButton Studio, we believe that making games should be as fun as playing games. Often times when teams become bigger and more bureaucratic, the work truly becomes work and members lose their passion and creative freedom. Small teams allow for better and accurate workflow, it decreases communication issues and helps build better personal relationships between team members. That is why JumpButton Studio is built on the core model of developing games in small independent teams to allow the members to truly have complete creative freedom to express their passion.

Meet The Team

JumpButton Studio would not be possible without our highly passionate and driven team members.

Nick Profile Picture Nicodemus Madehdou CEO / Founder
Lycrios Profile Picture Matthew Auld CIO / Founder
Ace Profile Picture Daniel Ostermiller CTO / Founder
kevin Profile Picture Kevin Ngo Alien / Founder
VinHill104 Profile Picture Vin Hill Lead Creative Director
JenRos3e Profile Picture Jennifer Ostermiller Producer
Schematist Profile Picture Calbert Warner CBO / Composer
Jovi Profile Picture Jovi Arvin Medalla Lead Animator
hassan Profile Picture Mahdi Sharif Game Developer
walter Profile Picture Attenako Person Staff
steven Profile Picture Steven Acuna Producer
camden Profile Picture Camden Goetz Lead Writer
daniela Profile Picture Daniela Minetti Client Relations / Contacts
ololade Profile Picture Ololade Bello Partnerships
alexis Profile Picture Alexis Cerezo Producer
joe Profile Picture Joseph Maldonado Staff
manny Profile Picture Emmanuel Williams Game Developer
cameron Profile Picture Cameron Scott Staff
ken Profile Picture Kenneth Olsen Designer
amy Profile Picture Amy Chau Artist
penelope Profile Picture Penelope Deoliveira Staff
pirolli Profile Picture Dana Pirolli Branding Officer
jean Profile Picture Jean Akingeneye Chief of Staff | COS