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Jump Button Studio

Jumpbutton Studio was founded in 2009 and was brought to life in 2012. Jumpbutton Studio is an indie group equipped with a 'can do' attitude. We were previously known as Indie Opportunity and our ideology was and still is that an indie group, no matter how undeveloped, should have equal if not greater opportunity and capability to develop world-class entertainment. With a leap of faith and a newly motivated team geared with people dedicated to developing outstanding games, Jumpbutton Studio was born.



Jumpbutton Studio was born in the summer of 2012 when four friends got together with the simple goal of creating something that they were truly passionate about. Back then, the founders had no idea where the company was heading and what the company would be doing in the future. All they knew was that they wanted to create games simply for entertainment purposes. Boy were they wrong.

Viking Dodge


A great way to not make money is to make something you don’t believe in. Don’t waste your time; be passionate about what you do.

From humble beginnings developing small games, to expanding our boundaries and developing games for platforms such as Android, Apple, and desktop download-able games. Jumpbutton Studio strives to become the premiere destination for both competitive and casual gamers. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and developing innovative and exciting games on a wide range of platforms.

A lot of indie developers who became ‘overnight successes’ were working at it for ten years.

We believe in the concept of small and independent teams to allow every single one of our team members to be able to play an important and significant role in the projects. We find that this concept allows our members to become passionate in what they are doing. Here at Jumpbutton Studio, we believe that making games should be as fun as playing games. Often times when teams become bigger and more bureaucratic, the work truly becomes work and members lose their passion and creative freedom. Small teams allow for better and accurate work flow, it decreases communication issues and helps build better personal relationships between team members. That is why Jumpbutton studio is built on the core model of developing games in small independent teams to allow the members to truly have complete creative freedom to express their passion.



We believe that video games and animations are able to make an immediate impact to thousands and even millions of people. Jumpbutton Studio didn’t just want to simply create games; we wanted to help create a better world by addressing and spreading awareness on social issues.


We want to solve problems, invoke change and inspire creativity through games and animated entertainment.

We wanted to create a game that tackled an extremely sensitive and socially impactful problem that millions of children are experiencing. Keeper and the Soldier is a game that was stemmed from a personal project that one of our lead started in 2009. The collection of characters, story, and artwork that our lead created in order to make sense of and come to terms with her experiences with child abuse depicts an extremely emotional and dark time in her life. Keeper and the Soldier use symbolism and fantasy to illustrate the tales of a young girl’s struggles; inspired by real ordeals.

Technological advancements have made video games and computers become this generation’s babysitters for kids.

Our team is a strong supporter against child abuse and neglect, and we hope to contribute to and plan future charitable/awareness events toward this cause. We believe that games are reminiscent of the good times and a way for children to get away and escape reality. We hope that Keeper and the Soldier is able to reveal the harsh reality of child abuse, but also pave the way for other game developers to create games that tackle important social issues.




Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.

We found that students of all ages were turning to online videos for their education. Online videos were offering a more personalized way of learning, allowing children or students to learn at their own pace. We wanted to capitalized on this opportunity and create animations that would allow people to learn new things at a comfortable level.
Thus, Alien Animation was born. We wanted to become an ambitious animation studio that promotes curiosity, awareness and justice through the power of simple, interactive and captivating animations. Alien Animation creates animated shorts that break down important issues, depicts critical concepts and delivers an easy to understand message. We work with anyone that has a vision and concept that needs to be shared with the world.



Jumpbutton Studio would not be possible without our highly passionate and driven team members.

Kevin Ngo
Founder and Creative Lead
Nicodemus Madehdou
Founder and CEO

Matthew Auld
Founder and CIO

Daniel Ostermiller
Founder and Lead Game Developer

Jessica Fong
Art Lead
Calbert Warner
Musical Genius

Austin Hsieh
Game Programmer
Piper Faye
Voice Actor

Denis Lapi
Web and UI Designer

Bader Aldawsari
iOS Programmer
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