KATs Against Child Abuse

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Why Child Abuse Prevention is Important to Us
The following article link and quote in particular go into the origin of the game, why it is being made now, and why the game and its themes are important to the team: Article

“Keeper and the Soldier is a passion project. But it is also one that I want to and feel I must do, a form of closure to the child abuse I endured and witnessed. Even if my family and/or the dev team are the only ones who get something out of KATS, that would be amazing. I hope though on a bigger scale that the game will open up discussion and allow players to experience one person’s story/representation of a problem that plagues the generations and hinders us as a whole.”
-Jessica Fong, Project Lead

We feel that the message and narrative are worth pursuing. We are humbled and amazed that people from around the world work with us on this project, and child abuse prevention resonates with every single one of us.

We hope you will join us in our cause to raise awareness and donate to organizations doing good and important work!


All Donations will go to the The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

The mission of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. Their programs empower children to speak up, enable parents to be better caregivers, and create a strong community to protect all kids. For more than three decades, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center has served as a beacon in the community for children and families in need. They work closely with a variety of professionals, parent advisors, volunteers, interns and supporters to carry out our mission and meet the needs of San Francisco’s most vulnerable families.

To donate go to our Go Fund me

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