Keeper & The Soldier


Keeper and The Soldier

A forgotten guardian of the past, desperate and dying, puts its fate into the hands of the wandering child. Their bond sends them on a journey to preserve history.
Keeper and the Soldier is set in a dystopian futuristic city that lies on the border of a lush forest which protects a long forgotten secret. An ongoing war at the forefront of society has twisted the citizens of the city, mentally and physically. People here are born to serve in a dishearteningly gloomy existence.
The player controls EMI23 (Emi for short), a young girl who is destined to be a soldier. She bonds with a curious creature called the Keeper in the outer forest who needs her help. Emi must explore, survive, and recover pieces of an ancient device to save the archives of human history before the Keeper's exhausted life comes to an end.


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