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Meet The Team

kevin Avatar Kevin Ngo Lead Game Designer
austinhsieh Avatar Austinhsieh Lead Developer
Nick Avatar Nicodemus Madehdou Producer

Totem Stack

Totem Stack, the nail-biting, heart-pounding, easy to play game that tests both your accuracy and precision. Strategically calculate every move as you stack totems on top of each other in an attempt to reach the stars.

Battle the unpredictable elements of nature and choose your moves wisely as the weather changes every few minutes, forcing you to expect the unexpected and adapt to the ever changing environment. So stack up to the challenge and come see why everyone agrees that Totem Stack is one stackalicious game!

Game Features

  • 5 starter achievements with more on the way
  • Highscores to encourage competition
  • Tilt or touch control to allow users to play to their liking
  • 1 of each power ups to give you a taste of what they can do
  • Surprises waiting for you at the top! You'll have to stack high enough. 

We look forward to improving the game with those who play! Suggestions are read and considered so don't hesitate to leave the game a review along with a suggestion or feedback!

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