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Puck Slide
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Meet The Team

kevin Avatar Kevin Ngo Lead Game Designer
hassan Avatar Mahdi Sharif Lead Developer
austinhsieh Avatar Austinhsieh Lead Developer
Nick Avatar Nicodemus Madehdou Producer

Puck Slide

You've got one try. It's pretty simple really, just help me get across the mud and on or near the flag without falling off and our journey continues. Fail, and well.. we start from the begging all over again. Can you dominate the leader board? Join in on the puck fun.


  • Random world generation to provide a unique game-play for each individual. No two game will ever be the same.
  • Leader boards using google services to allow all interested to show off their scores for all to see!
  • Game play intensifies the longer you last, be prepared for the unexpected! 
  • Amazing music
  • More to come!

Please be sure to leave suggestions in your reviews on how we can improve your game play experience and keep an eye out for it within the game!

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