Asian Flush

Asian Flush and CANCER

Asian flush, also widely known as Asian glow happens to certain people of Asian descent after they have consumed alcohol....

Spicy Food

Curiosity180 – Episode 6

Episode 6: Why do SPICY foods burn our mouth?  Episode 6:  Each taste bud contains 50 to 100 taste receptor...

Turbo Finger Swipe

White House honors Philly teen video game developer

Nicodemus Madehdou likes video games, but unlike some high school students who play instead of doing work, the 19-year-old high...

Child Abuse

KATs Against Child Abuse

Why Child Abuse Prevention is Important to Us The following article link and quote in particular go into the origin...

Rainbow Hippie

Rainbow Hippie 2 – The Story

Jumpbutton Studios started developing Rainbow Hippie 2 in 2015, two years after the release of the first Rainbow Hippie. The game started when our creative lead, Kevin started to get ideas from a class lecture regarding light absorption and reflection.

KATs alley

Jumpbutton Studio sends a message!

A narrative driven 2.5D puzzle platformer currently in development from Jumpbutton Studio about a lonely young girl, destined to live a soldier's life, who finds something beautiful in a world ravaged by never-ending war. A forgotten guardian of the past, desperate and dying, puts its fate into the hands of the wandering child.

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