Rainbow Hippie 2 - The StoryMarch 1st, 2016


CEO / Founder
Rainbow Hippie 2

Jumpbutton Studios started developing Rainbow Hippie 2 in 2015, two years after the release of the first Rainbow Hippie. The game started when our creative lead, Kevin started to get ideas from a class lecture regarding light absorption and reflection. Thus, the idea of a hippie shooting a rainbow at different colored balloons was born. The light absorption concept which states that objects that are black absorbs all visible light and therefore, the human eyes cannot see any of the reflected visible light and the object is perceived as black. This concept was applied to the black balloons, which causes the player to lose points because of its ability to absorb all of the Hippie's rainbow juice. The light reflection concept which simply states that white objects are composed of molecules or atoms that don't absorb any of the visible colors of light; therefore, the object reflects all the colors and our eyes perceive this reflected combination as the color white. This concept was applied to the white balloons, which causes the player's screen to be covered in the white balloon's sticky goo as it reflects the Hippie's rainbow juice.

Rainbow Hippie 2 comes with the option of being able to collect many different hippies. The best part about this feature is that we give players the ability to be able to obtain every single one of those hippies free of charge! How you ask? Players are given a random prize daily that may range anywhere from balloons to even JBS coins. This means that you do not have to spend money in order to collect all the hippies, you just have to be lucky :).

Hippie Land

However, what is the point of collecting all these Hippies? Pride? Sense of accomplishment? World domination? Well no, nothing that amazing but one of the coolest and hippitastic feature that rainbow hippie 2 offers is "Hippie Land", which is a place where the player can see all of the hippies they have collected chilling together. Bathe in your glory as you watch your hippie land fill up with more and more hippies each day!

But how about bosses, are we just going to pop balloons all day? I thought you'd never ask, Rainbow Hippie 2 introduces four new bosses. You can now battle a magically unicorn, the mystical googly eyed sea dragon, a fistful lava golem and a hairy bucktooth ice yeti! But just be warned when battling these bosses because they were made to be extremely annoying and rage inducing.

Check out our Art Lead Jessica Fong as she draws the main character of Rainbow Hippie, Dave!