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Impulsive Button
Last Line of Retreat
Line Them Up
Puck Slide
Rainbow Hippie 2
Run Run Reindeer
Totem Stack
Viking Dodge

Meet The Team

kevin Avatar Kevin Ngo Lead Graphic Artist
hiuru Avatar Hiuru Graphic Artist
Gibbo Avatar Gibbo Lead Developer
tubbs Avatar Tubbs Developer
togekite Avatar Togekite Composer
Viking Dodge Gunnvor, blessed with a courageous heart and expertise in the art of invasiveness has been bestowed with the perilous task of saving the adorable sheep from what seems to be an endless barrage of boulders. Gunnvor is thrust into a threatening environment with the burdening task of not only saving himself, but to rescue the sheep from utter destruction. Dodge plummeting boulders, fend off vicious and thunderous dragons in a game that puts your accuracy and evasive skills to the ultimate test. Achieve high scores, compete with friends and embark on the conquest to achieve Viking superiority in this free to play, action packed endless dodging extravaganza.
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