Afro Smash
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Last Line of Retreat
Line Them Up
Puck Slide
Rainbow Hippie 2
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Totem Stack
Viking Dodge

Meet The Team

kevin Avatar Kevin Ngo Lead Game Designer
tubbs Avatar Tubbs Lead Developer
Nick Avatar Nicodemus Madehdou Producer
Schematist Avatar Calbert Warner Composer

Afro Smash

Afro Jones used to be an aspiring martial artist, trained in the art of ninjutsu, taijutsu and karate. But one day he dishonored his clan and was banished and stripped of his titles. He spends most of his days breaking bricks now one after another as fast as he possibly can before it's too late. What a life! 


  • Earn coins to purchase powerups in the shop by playing the game!
  • Pick up and play on the go
  • 5 basic achievements and a global highscore to dominate or challenge your friends
  • Golden Afro! Will you get it?
  • Addictive
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