Script Writing

Do you want to create an animation for your online education curriculum to help your students understand a difficult concept? Or maybe you have a great idea for an animated commercial for your business? If you have an idea or vision that needs to be brought to life then we can help!

Each project has its own set of difficulties. For example, the scripts for educational videos not only needs to be able to capture the viewer’s attention but also needs to be able to explain concepts in a way that is vivid and easy to understand. Here at Jumpbutton Studio, we will work with you to take your idea and grow it into a full-fledged animation script.

Story-Board Design

Storyboarding is a key step in the development of an animation project. Jumpbutton Studio's team will help bring your idea that you have developed to life by creating a storyboard. This will allow you to see how we have interpreted your ideas visually. We work extremely close with you to ensure that your vision does not get distorted. However, you will still have the opportunity to guide our storyboard designer in altering or tweaking our interpretation of your animation to better meet your vision if needed.

Character Design

Characters will help personalize your projects and make it unique, distinctive and memorable. We will work with you to create custom 2-D characters to specifically fit your project.

One of the places where we find 2-D animation to be most useful is when it comes to educational contexts. Educational animations tend to work much better with 2-D animations because of the simple and flatter 2-D animation is less distracting to students. This allows the students to focus on the information and material being presented rather than being distracted by the visual aspects of the video.

Animation and Editing

This is where your vision comes to life; we will incorporate everything (script, storyboard, character design, environmental design, effects, etc) into a fluid animation sequence.

You can view some of our finished animations HERE!

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We are the ambitious animation department within Jumpbutton Studio that promotes curiosity, awareness, and justice through the power of simple, interactive and captivating animations. Alien Animation creates animated shorts that break down important issues, depicts critical concepts and delivers an easy to understand message. We work with anyone that has a vision and concept that needs to be shared with the world.